Loyalty FAQ

Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards

Everyday shopping at the Duchess Shoppe gives you the power to lower your gas price at the pump! We offer the very popular Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards card that helps our customers enjoy royal savings on their fuel purchases.  Shop at the Duchess Shoppe and earn cents-off-per-gallon rewards when you buy associated items.  Fuel Saver rewards add up - items can be stacked and combined allowing you to earn significant savings on your next fill up!  Use your card at the pump and watch your price roll back!
How do I earn a reward?
You will be given a Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards card that you will swipe at the register every time you purchase an item with a “cents off” reward. When you purchase this item, a fuel reward will be stored automatically on your card. Please note, there are restricted items. We cannot and will not offer rewards on the following items: money orders, alcohol, cigarettes/smokeless tobacco and lottery.
How does a customer redeem their reward?
You will be prompted to swipe your Duchess Fuel Saver card at the beginning of the transaction before you choose your method of payment and follow the instructions. This works inside at the register, as well as outside at the pump.
How do I know what items are associated with the Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards card?
Fuel Saver items are throughout the inside of the store; you can find them marked with a crown sign indicating their cents-off-per-gallon reward. Current specials are also displayed on a flyer by the register area at all Duchess Shoppes. Click here to see our current Fuel Saver items.
Do fuel rewards expire?
Yes. Rewards will expire on the last day of the month following the month in which they are earned. Example: All rewards earned in November will expire on December 31st.
Is there a limit to the amount of discounts I can redeem in any single fuel purchase?
No. You may redeem all of the available discounts that you have earned, up to the retail price of fuel. Note that fuel rewards are valid for up to 25 gallons of gasoline in a single transaction. In the event you have accumulated more rewards than the retail price of fuel, the pump will not roll back to zero. If you’re eligible for a full tank of gas, the pump will roll back to $.09 per gallon and you will be responsible for that amount. Also, note that if you accumulate rewards that exceed the retail amount of fuel all unused rewards will remain on card until they are redeemed or expire.
What if I forget my Duchess Fuel Rewards card, can the fuel reward be added at a later time?
No, you must have your card with you at the time of purchase to receive rewards. In addition, rewards cannot be added once a transaction is complete; you must swipe your card at the beginning of the transaction.
What if I lose my Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards Card?
If your card is registered, we can get you a new card and any balance on the lost card can be transferred to your new card. If your card is not registered, we can provide you with a new card, but unfortunately, we will not be able to transfer your reward balance from the lost card.
How do I check my Fuel Saver reward balance?
If your card is registered, you can check your balance any time at www.duchessshoppe.com. Also, at the site, a Duchess associate will be happy to swipe the card on the register and print out a receipt with their balance.
How do I register my Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards Card?
It’s simple. Click here to register your card!
What if I have an issue with my Duchess Fuel Saver Rewards Card?
If you have trouble with an issuance or redemption, please consult with the cashier or store management. If you need further assistance, please fill out a customer service form or email rewards@englefieldoil.com or call 1-800-282-1675 ext. 2273; we’ll be more than happy to help!